Tiffany And Co’s New Ad Reminds Us Why Love Is Awesome

If we ever said that Tiffany and Co. was for basic bitches, we retract our statement and apologize. Their new ad, featuring a real life gay couple that live in New York (who just happen to be dashingly handsome, we might add) proves that they’re with the times, where love is not so cookie-cutter anymore.


The ad was released on January 9th and has already gained supportive statements from celebrities like Miley Cyrus, as well as blown up on twitter from people like us who are hyped to see such a big brand that’s not afraid to show their support.


For those of us (like me) who are cynical as hell when it comes to love, things like this can make us a little more excited about Valentine’s Day and being one step closer to equality for all types of love. You go, Tiffany and Co!

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