It’s OK to Date Based on Musical Taste

There are a lot of things us girls consider when picking a potential boyfriend, booty call, or (god forbid) husband. Is he hot? Is he smart? Is he funny? Is he successful?


Lately, I have been going on dates with guys who fit into all of the above categories (or at least most of them) yet I have been finding myself avoiding second dates with them regardless.

This past Monday, my roommate and I went on a double date with the guy she’s seeing and his friend. After immediately knowing that I would not be into the guy I was set-up with based on his scarf (he was wearing it as an accessory, not to keep warm), I tried to make the best of the rest of the evening.


After dinner, the guys convinced us to go back to their place for one more drink and we obliged because, why not? It was upon entering their apartment that I met their roommate. He wasn’t super sexy, or even really charming, but somehow I immediately connected with this guy in five minutes, more than I had with his friend the entire night.


Flash forward 30 minutes and we’re making out on the couch listening to Brand New.


Now, the moral of this story is not that I am the worst date ever (although I did feel a bit bad about how the night ended), but it made me have an epiphany.

Thinking back to the last two guys that I had serious relationships with, I realized that they both began with us drunkenly bonding over old bands that we still love. While I am not saying to rule out a dude if he likes country music and you’re a die hard gangster rap fan, if something’s important to you, it’s important.


Maybe he’s not the guy that your friends would go for, or maybe he doesn’t have Channing Tatum’s abs with Steve Jobs’ brains, but at the end of the day it’s important to find someone that you can really have fun with and let go. For me that happens when I am dancing around the room with a glass of wine belting out the lyrics to old pop-punk bands that used to be on Warped tour.

For you, it could be anything. Stop checking off boxes searching for Prince Charming. Because, sometimes the right guy is where you least expect him (although hopefully not in as awkward a situation as mine).

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