How To Mentally Convince Yourself To Eat Less Pizza

Have you noticed that once you depart from your “healthy eating” track, it’s harder than ever to get back on the fit fam wagon?

Kind of like how once you consume one bite of cheesy-tomato goodness it’s impossible to not finish a slice, or three slices, or an entire damn pizza. This equation only gets more intense when alcohol is added to the mix. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve never woken up to an empty pizza box and wondered what the hell happened.

Luckily, a study done by the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, found a way for us to trick ourselves that we’re eating more deliciously addictive pizza than we actually are.

The study found that by eating pizza on a large table, we can convince ourselves that we’re eating more food, even when we’re not.

“We took 4 pizza pies of the same size, sliced them into sixteenths or eighths, and placed them on large or small table. On the small table, people thought the small slices were about half as big as the regular ones, choosing closer to twice as many. In contrast, on the large table, people thought the small slices were the same size as the regular ones, choosing closer to the same amount, reducing calories the most.”

The University of Chicago Press Journals 2016

This is certainly valuable information for those of us who have been slacking on our 2016 fitness resolutions or those of us who are simply addicted to pizza (namely: all of us).

The only problem is that most of us don’t have a wide variety of tables in our house. Honestly, most of us are lucky to even have one Ikea table in our house (whenever we’d eat dinner at my ex’s house, we used fold out chairs and put our sushi carry out on the seat of the chair).

But, if you’re about to move into a new apartment and needed help choosing a table size, or you’re wondering why you’ve gained so much weight since starting to sit at the tiny kid’s table, this could be useful.

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