The 8 Types of Nipples

For something so small, our nipples raise a lot of concerns. And by concerns, I mean dudes shaming girls for their nipple size/shape/color or whatever else they can nitpick.

Regardless, all nipples, and boobs for that matter, are fucking awesome. We’ve discussed the six different types of boobs, and now Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse has explained that there are eight different nipple types in an interview with Seventeen.

Shainhouse explained that there’s a good chance that you’re more than one of the types, as some can coexist. The more you know about your boobage, the better. So, which type are you?

1. Bumpy

If you have bumpy nipples, there was probably a point in your adolescence when you thought these were some form of a pimple and you squeezed at them to find that yes, they did “pop.” Every chick has these, called Montgomery Glands, but some are more pronounced then others. Unfortunately, no matter how satisfying squeezing them is, you’re not supposed to fuck with them. Don’t ask me why, because I couldn’t find a reason, but I did find many reputable sources on Google that says to resist the urge to pop, similar to how you shouldn’t fuck with that whitehead on your face.

2. Flat

If you have flat nipples, your areola is likely not very pronounced and appears to blend into your nipple. This is dope because you can probably get away with wearing plenty of tops sans bra without having to worry about your headlights being on (unless it gets cold, then you’re fucked like the rest of us).

3. Inverted

If your nipples go inwards at the areola, you have inverted nipples. It’s kind of like an innie belly button in that some nipples go out and some go in.

4. Protruding

Protruding nipples are essentially the opposite of flat nipples. Your areolae are raised from your nipple by a few millimeters and are more pronounced.

5. Puffy

Puffy nipples kind of look like hershey kisses, yum! The entire areola and nipple is a raised in a rounded mountain-like shape. This shape likely changes when your nipple hardens.

6. Supernumerary

Third nipple kind of sounds like something your little brother would name his band. The correct name is “supernumerary,” and it’s totally normal. More to love, am I right? Apparently Harry Styles has an extra nip or two, which automatically makes it kind of sexy.

7. Unilateral Inverted

While it’s normal to have inverted nipples, if you only have one inverted nipple you should pay attention. If one of your nipples has been inverted your whole life, it’s totally chill. But, if it’s a something that you never noticed before you should see you doctor ASAP, as it may be a sign of breast cancer.

8. Hairy

You may not see them in porn, but hairy nipples are also totally normal. If they bother you, you can pluck them with tweezers or look into laser hair removal. But, don’t think you’re weird, cuz you’re not. In fact, Dita Von Teese goes into detail about removing nipple hair in her beauty book.

Graphics by Mi Gerer

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