The 6 Types of Boobs & What Kind of Bra You Need For Yours

At the ripe age of 12, getting any “real bra” that wasn’t from Limited Too was exciting. At age 22, all you want is a bra that won’t hug your back fat, won’t show through your t-shirt, and will make your titties look as perfectly perky as possible.

We’ve all got different bodies, and we’ve all got different boobs, one size certainly does not fit all. That’s the theory behind a bra company called ThirdLove. ThirdLove has created the Breast Shape Dictionary so that you can size up your set and figure out what type of bra you need to support your lady lumps properly. We asked Ra’el Cohen, ThirdLove’s VP of Design and Product Development, to walk us through the six major boob types and how to best shop for each type.

1. Bell Shape

“Bell-shaped are generally heavier breasts. They’re narrower at the root or base and then they become drastically fuller towards the bottom,” explains Ra’el.

If you have bell-shaped boobies, Ra’el recommends a fuller coverage bra such as their 24/7 Classic Full Coverage Bra so that your straps don’t drag and cause a loss of support. The bra has a supportive cup and straps that are further in “so it will lift the breasts and create a great shape.”

2. East West

Similar to bell-shaped boobs, east west boobs also slope from top to bottom, but east west boobs’ nipples point outwards. Push-up bras are good for these types of tatas because they gently push your boobs inward to create some cleavage that Marilyn would absolutely approve of.

3. Round

If you’re a girl with perfectly round breasts, meaning they are as full on the top as they are on the bottom, there’s a good chance you’ve had some type of breast enhancement. But if you haven’t, you may just be gravity-defying (and lucky).

If you have round breasts, you probably aren’t having any issues with cleavage or needing more support. In fact, you can probably go braless without people realizing you’re going braless. You can basically wear just about any bra that’s comfortable for you and still look titty-licious, go you.

4. Side Set

Side set are not as drastic as east west, but still point slightly outwards and have a space between the breasts. “Often it will look like some breast tissue is in your armpit and there is a hollow area at the center of your chest,” explains Ra’el.

Supportive cups that lift your breasts, with or without pushup, are great for drawing side sets inward and creating some cleavage.

5. Slender

Basically the opposite of bell shaped boobs, slender boobs are fuller at the top and thinner at the bottom. “They’re generally skinny without a lot of breast tissue,” says Ra’el.

Slender breasts work great with a plunge style bra, with or without extra padding. “Plunge bras have a deeper neckline and the cups are pitched at an angle to create lift. This lift helps fill in the top of the cups where the breasts are more shallow. It also helps pull the breasts towards the middle to create a bit of cleavage,” explains Ra’el.

6. Tear Drop

“Tear drop [boobs] are more of a gentle slope, rather than a drastic differential between the top and the bottom [as seen in bell shaped],” says Ra’el. This type can be easily identified from the side — you can see a gentle slope starting from the top of your breast that expands to the bottom.”

Like slender boobs, tear drops also look great in a plunge bra. Ra’el recommends the 24/7 Classic Push-Up Bra. “It gives just a little lift and creates a seamless look so that there won’t be any gaping at the cup edge. ”

If you’re still not sure about what category your set falls into, never fear! ThirdLove’s fit finder walks you through a brief quiz about sizing to better determine where you fit (no pun intended). Ra’el also adds that “almost 40% of women are actually in between standard cup sizes, which is why we offer A through D cups in our exclusive half-cup sizing.”

Illustrations by Mi Gerer

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