Exclusive: Dita Von Teese Embodies a Glam Housewife in Video For Semaine

The launch of one of the most unique new-found platforms, Semaine, is single-handedly changing the online shopping experience. The e-commerce site is governed weekly by a selected tastemaker or influencer, giving fans and shoppers alike a feel for this trend-setters aesthetic, background, and of course, their favorite things to purchase digitally, hand-picked just for you. This weeks feature? The glamorous Dita Von Teese embodies an extraordinarily glamorous housewife who demonstrates poise and the importance of beauty sleep in a visually stunning video.

When asked why they chose to do things a little differently, Semaine founders Michelle Lu & Georgina Harding explain, “In our globally connected world, tastemakers wield unprecedented influence and reach. They are the people who create trends rather than follow them, and are seen as the undisputed leaders in their field. They are the people that everyone wants to learn from and be inspired by.” This in hand allows the tastemakers to “give their fans compelling and addictive daily content,” and who better to learn from than the glamour queen herself?

“Dita was a perfect fit for us. She is an icon, a true ambassador for all woman, and we felt that she would truly inspire our audience! It doesn’t hurt that she has an amazing aesthetic world.”

Check out this final cut of Dita’s morning routine for Semaine, and then shop every single one of her favorite things, from the sexiest lingerie pieces down to her preferred pen ink.

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