You’re Most Desirable To Men and Threatening to Women During This Time of Month

Nobody really feels sexy on their period. You’re bloated, you’re hangry, and you’re bleeding out of your most sensitive orifice.

But have you ever noticed that right before your period, you feel sexy af and everyone’s hitting on you?

Interestingly enough, this super-horny feeling you acquire right before that time of the month is not just in your head. In fact, it’s actually a proven fact that ovulating women are more attractive to men.

WTF, right? How could we be more attractive to men while we’re holding a blood-soaked piece of fabric between our legs? Not to mention that the majority of adult men still don’t seem to understand what periods actually entail. But many studies have proven this theory, and some studies have gone so far as to determine why this phenomenon occurs.

In a UK study, researchers found that a woman’s body odor, voice, and facial coloring change around the 14th day of her menstrual cycle while she’s ovulating. Although almost all men are unaware that the woman they find most attractive is about to get her period, their attraction dates back to procreation, and they naturally find the most fertile-looking women the most attractive.

Men aren’t the only ones who can unknowingly detect ovulating women. Other women notice the change too, but they react in a different way.

In another study that was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, it was found that women are more likely to protect their mates from other ovulating women. Particularly if their “mate” is highly desirable (so you’ll probably forgo protecting your current loser boyfriend):

Across 4 experiments, partnered women were exposed to photographs of other women taken during either their ovulatory or nonovulatory menstrual-cycle phases, and consistently reported intentions to socially avoid ovulating (but not nonovulating) women—but only when their own partners were highly desirable. Exposure to ovulating women also increased women’s sexual desires for their (highly desirable) partners. These findings suggest that women can be sensitive to subtle cues of other women’s fertility and respond (e.g., via social exclusion, enhanced sexual attention to own mate) in ways that may facilitate their mate retention goals while not thwarting their affiliative goals.

So next time your time of month is approaching and you are constantly getting hit on while simultaneously getting death glares from other chicks, don’t be surprised. Not to mention that this is all the evidence you needed to stop staying in on weekends when you’re expecting Aunt Flo.

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