19 girls share the dumbest things guys have said about their bodies

Whether they mean to or not, sometimes guys can say straight-up idiotic things about girls’ bodies.

Sometimes they’re meant as compliments. Sometimes they’re just stray thoughts about boob symmetry that your boyfriend felt the need to air out while you laid naked next to him. Either way, the dudes of the world clearly aren’t good at keeping their earth-shattering observations to themselves.

So we assembled examples from 19 girls of the dumbest things guys have said to us about our bodies. Gentlemen: please try harder. And when in doubt, keep things vague. A simple “you look gorgeous” never hurt anyone.


“Your arms are bigger than mine!” – Steph


“So, do all latinas have no boobs but an enormous ass?” – Naz


“A guy on a date told me that I’m ‘petite… for my size.’ He also said he doesn’t understand how tall girls wear heels, and that I have such great legs I don’t need them.” – Brittany

“On a dating app, a guy said, ‘You’re a breeder,’ in response to how tall I am.” – Brittany


“Do girls with bigger boobs lactate more than others while on their periods?” – Taylor


“I have scars from a breast reduction and a guy said, ‘Whoa, do you have cancer?'” – Meredith


“‘You have porn star nipples.’ I still don’t know wtf that means.” – Gab


“When I was 15, a guy in my gym class told me I could never be titty-fucked because I had no boobs. Which at the time really upset me because it was true but now I’m cool with it.” – Caitly


“Has anyone ever told you you have great clavicles? I was looking at them from across the room.” – Erin


“At a frat party, I didn’t know how to get rid of a bro who was trying to push drinks on me. So I said I had a low tolerance because of my size. His reply: ‘Oh come on, you’re not THAT small!'” – Maryrose

“At another frat party, a white bro with braces rapped at me that I was ‘fucking beautiful, in a Jewish way.'” – Also Maryrose


“‘I think thigh gaps are sexy.’ He told me this while referring to his anorexic ex-girlfriend.” – Priyal


“A guy invited me to his sister’s wedding in Puerto Rico, then added that since it was two months away I’d have time to lose weight beforehand.” – Anonymous


“‘I think ying-yang tattoos are stupid,’ he said while touching my ying-yang tattoo.” – Colette


“I did a comedy show and the host said onstage after my set, ‘She’s adorable, but I just can’t get past her boobs in that sweater! They look like they’re holding milk.’ No one laughed.” – May Wilkerson


“You have hips that look like you’re about to give birth.” – Hayley


“‘You have great baby-carrying hips.’ I was 14. Also, wut.” – Katie


“‘Did you gain weight since the last time I saw you?’ One week later, I got diet pills in the mail.” – Olivia


“Stop losing weight. Your boobs aren’t as nice.” – Zoe


“I dated a guy who was in the process of becoming a plastic surgeon. He told me:
“1. My breasts (AAs) were disproportionate to my 5’9” frame. Not true, I looked like a runway model.

“2. The gap in my front teeth would need to be fixed sooner than later.

“3. My nose, which had been broken twice at that point, was beyond distracting and made it difficult for him to talk to me in person.
“He also said that I shouldn’t take it personally because it was his professional opinion. I let him pay for dinner then made out with his best friend.” – Sandy


“You sure got a pot of gold for a white girl.” – Colleen

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