5 Tips To Sex On Your Period

There’s some men who don’t and some men who do. I personally think a guy that’s afraid of a little menstrual blood while his dick is hard is a pussy. But in case you catch yourself surfing the crimson wave while trying to get your f*** on, here are some pointers.


Period sex takes a bit of preparation
First, wash your snatch and remove your tampon. Nothing kills the mood like a tampon string hanging out trying to say hello. Also for those of you who don’t use tampons, don’t you dare take off your draws with a maxi pad stuck to the crotch in front of him, that’s like seeing your man naked with nothing but socks on, a gross image neither of you wants to see and will never forget.

Pick a place
Ideally, do it in the shower. All the mess is instantly washed away and it really minimizes clean up. If you have to do it on the bed make sure to put a towel down so you don’t f*** up your pretty sheets.

Pick a time
Choosing to have sex on the heaviest day of your period is not the best idea. Second day flows will leave the bed splattered and looking like a stabbing took place whereas last day flows may not even show up. I reserve period sex for the last two days of my period when it’s light and barely noticeable.

You should be practicing safe sex but let’s be realistic a lot of you aren’t. For guys that are kind of squeamish about getting blood all over their dicks you can always throw a condom on then peel away the bloody cummy mess at the end and throw it away.

Riding on top is a no go because gravity will do it’s work and leave a puddle on the guy. Lay on your back or tummy to minimize spatter.

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