Guys Need to Stop Hitting on Girls at These 6 Places

Straight men aren’t exactly known for their subtlety.

From the construction workers who yell “how you doing?” to your creepy coworker who’s always trying to get you drunk, some dudes seem to think they’re constantly just one loud and obvious compliment away from the bone zone.

But there are so many times when girls really don’t want to get hit on. Happy hour? Go for it. But at these places, even if a Liam Hemsworth lookalike were to approach you, you would almost tell him to get lost.

1. The Gym

While there are plenty of hotties roaming around at the gym, it’s not the place where you’re looking your best. From your sweaty body, to your red cheeks, to your old leggings that smell like your cat, it’s beyond you why a guy would ever approach you at the gym. Yet, guys still do. If guys are going to insist on hitting on us at the gym, can they at least do it when we enter the gym rather than when we’re about to leave or, god forbid, mid-workout? Also, please don’t stare at us while we’re working out. You’re giving off serious “Silence of the Lambs” vibes.

2. The Pharmacy

Perfect. As you’re buying Plan B and an extra pack of condoms for next time, some lost-puppy-looking guy decides to approach you and introduce himself. Do you try to ignore the fact that he’s holding a bottle of laxatives? Or do you take cover in the adult diaper aisle?

3. Church

Holy… Fuck. As if you weren’t going to hell already, some altar-boy wannabe decided to ask you what you’re planning on doing after church. Can’t he tell from your vodka-scented hair that you’re going to be in the confessional for a while? As much as your parents would love the idea of you dating someone from your church, you’d rather tell your friends that you met someone on Tinder rather than tell them you met someone at Sunday mass.

4. On a Date

Have you ever noticed that your sex life is either a complete drought, or it’s fucking raining men? While you never get hit on normally, you might happen to get hit on whilst on a date with another dude. Like, hello? Does he think that your date is your brother? Or is he simply looking to get his ass whipped? On the plus side, at least now your date will realize what a hot commodity you are.

5. In Your Morning Class

College guys are always horny, and you’re perfectly happy to entertain their constant search for pussy. However, can they limit their cheesy pick-up lines for parties, bars, or at least evening classes? Your morning class attire doesn’t exactly scream “come fuck me.” In fact, it probably screams the exact opposite. Clad in your sweat pants, North Face, and messy bun, you’re wondering if you even brushed your teeth this morning. Meanwhile, the underclassman in front of you is babbling on about his fake ID and how he’d love to see you out at the bars tonight. You hope he realizes that he won’t even recognize you tonight, because you’re about to contour yourself into a completely different person.

6. At Work

At my second “real job” as a hostess, I got in trouble for giving my number out to a customer. Did I really want to give my number out? No, but I felt bad for the guy. Then, my manager promptly came up to me and told me that giving my number out “wasn’t allowed” and I should refrain from doing it again. At the time, I was really embarrassed, and cursed myself for giving my number out to the guy I wasn’t even interested in. Today, I wonder if my manager would’ve said the same thing if I was a dude. But the point is, even if a girl would like to be hit on at work, she generally can’t give her number out. If you’re working a chill job like waitressing, guys should realize that we’re not actually interested, we’re just looking for a tip. If you’ve got a legit career and are working in an office, dudes should’ve learned by now not to mix business with pleasure.

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