Why You Shouldn’t Bother Stressing Over The Perfect V-Day Outfit

There are a few instances in a woman’s life where it’s totally worthwhile to stress about your outfit.

For example, prom, or your wedding, or even a job interview. But Valentine’s Day, the holiday that comes around every damn year, is not one of those special events.

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Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely wear a cute, festive outfit or get decked out in your fave lingerie. But when I see articles dedicated to teaching women how to pick the “perfect” Valentine’s Day outfit, I shudder out of embarrassment.

I mean, come on. The amount of effort you put into your Valentine’s Day look should be the same amount of effort you put into your outfit for a Friday night out. It’s chill to do your hair and makeup, and pick out something sexy if you want to. But the idea of buying a special outfit for a rando Tuesday night in February is ridiculous.

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And honestly, if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, chances are you’re going to stay in anyways. Restaurants are ridiculously overpriced and overcrowded on V-Day, so what’s wrong with staying in with your boo?

Even if you do go out, are you really going to buy a “special” dress for a night when you’re literally only going to be with one person? A person who doesn’t even notice when you get a drastic haircut, let alone what you’re wearing?

Not to be one of those Valentine’s Day haters, but if you’re in a happy relationship, you shouldn’t need an official holiday to spoil them or to be spoiled. You also shouldn’t need an official holiday to get dressed up.

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