How Much The Average Young Person Spends On Bae For V-Day

The older generations may call us broke and lazy, but guess what? We actually spend more on our bae for V-Day than older people do.

So, boo-yah, who’s broke and lazy now?

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Adults under 35 years old planned to spend an average of $185 on their boo’s V-day gift last year, according to a study done by the National Retail Federation. The average dropped down $40 when they factored in the older survey respondents.

Obviously, this amount depends on the person and on the relationship. You don’t have to go splurging on the dude you just got “official” with last week, and you also don’t have to shell out your rent money if you’re currently unemployed and just barely scraping by.

On the flip side, this goes for your gift expectations to. In other words, maybe hold off on asking bae for the blacked out Range Rover you were hoping for, sorry!

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But whether you plan on making your bae a sexual coupon book for free or decking him out in Gucci sneakers, it’s always good to know what everyone else is spending.

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