Looks Like Gucci’s Casting Only Black Models For Its Next Campaign

Literally everybody and their feminist mother knows fashion has a BIG diversity problem.

But it looks like Gucci’s trying to make up for the industry’s years of über-whiteness with an all-black campaign.

Yesterday, Gucci posted a series of videos on its Instagram and Twitter accounts all supposedly taken in London on January 26, 2017 at an audition for the campaign.

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Each video was captioned “#GucciPreFall2017.” The videos featured the models waxing poetic on their spirit animals and what it means to have soul.

And then they all danced for the camera, to varying levels of success.

Is it a little troubling that a significant part of each black model’s audition was to show off their dance moves and talk about “soul”?


Maybe not.

Asking modes to show off how they move isn’t exactly crazy town territory for a casting, but we also live in a society that tends to praise black people for a very limited array of skill sets, so we’ll have to see.

Don’t let us down, Gucci.

Just, you know, keep it gucci.

[H/T The Cut]

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