Finally, An Instagram Account That Celebrates Models Of Color

Although there’s plenty of diversity in fashion when it comes to clothes, that’s about it. Yes, Louboutins come in a variety of “nude” tones now, yes, Rihanna just made history as being the first black spokesperson for Dior, and yes, Jourdan Dunn is one of the richest supermodels in the world, but did you know that roughly 80% of the models walking in New York Fashion Week are going to be white?

Even though progress has been made, it’s not enough.

In order to help the fashion industry expand it’s definition of beauty, one Instagram user, who chooses to remain anonymous, is helping to make models of color more visible.  In an interview with Dazed, @moremodelsofcolor elaborated saying, “the idea that European features are the epitome of beauty needs to be abolished…All girls, regardless of their ethnic background, have the right to see themselves portrayed in the fashion industry,” and not just as the “token models of color at fashion shows.”

In just 15 minutes, @moremodelsofcolor has introduced me to Marga Esquivel, a 20-year-old Filipina model who’s walked for Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Channel (and is totally addicted to fruit):


Marga Esquivel // Instagram

Shamone Edwards, a Jamaican-born model who was signed to Boss Models NYC as soon as she submitted her photos, because well duh:


Boss Models MGMT

Demi Rox, who dances for Charli XCX and models for Rita Ora’s Addidas Originals line:


Demi Rox // Instagram

Imaan Hammam a Dutch model who gets her Afro from her Moroccan mom and Egyptian father and is practically BFFs with Vogue:


and Amilna Estevão who is only 16-years-old and therefore destined to rule the modeling world someday:


Amilna Estevão // Instagram

Hopefully thanks to @moremodelsofcolor, we’ll not only be seeing a lot more of these 5 women, but of all models of color worldwide.  Like former face of Louis Vuitton Nykhor Paul said, “Fashion is art, art is never racist, it should be inclusive of all not only white people…why can’t we be part of fashion fully and equally?”





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