Don’t Waste Your Money On This Valentine’s Day Activity

As much as you’d hate to admit it, it’s low-key kind of exciting when you finally have a bae for Valentine’s Day after all those years of slaying it as a single babe with your girlfriends.

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But don’t let your excitement get the best of you and set yourself up for failure, because you know that anything you get too pumped for ends up being a let down.

Case in point: don’t expect your bae to get you something incredible like the bedazzled Louboutins you’ve been lusting over. You’re dating some rando named Jerry, not Daddy Warbucks. And all guys suck at picking gifts.

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But more importantly, don’t make the rookie mistake of making reservations at some romantic and bougie place for Valentine’s Day that offers a prix fixe, or fixed price, menu.

That’s when the restaurant charges a flat rate for three courses with limited options. It might sound like a deal, but it’s actually the worst.

Chances are, the place will be overcrowded, with tables mere inches apart and totally killing any chances of a “romantic” atmosphere. I mean, it’s tough to stare longingly into your boo’s eyes when Chompy McChomperstein is going to town on lobster tails right next to you. Or when Romeo and Juliet are sucking face on top of their table behind you.

Plus, you won’t get bang for your buck. Instead, you’ll pay around $85 for three or four courses of bite sized shiz that isn’t even that good. Some places offer wine with each course, which is a perk. But I mean, you could also buy four bottles of wine at home for like, $40.

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Lastly, you won’t have a huge selection of food. What’s the use in paying a butt-load of money to only pick from three appetizers and God forbid, just two desserts? I mean, c’mon, what’s a meal without choices?

I get it though, you want to get all dolled up for V-day. Sweatpants, hair-tied, chillin’ with no makeup on might be good for Drake, but it’s not good enough for you. You bought a ridiculously thotty tube top, and Valentine’s Day was supposed to be its debut!

I know this is kind of crazy. But, what if you just dressed up to stay in?

Spending the evening in the kitchen with bae may not feel as luxe as sitting at a table with a white tablecloth, but I promise it’ll be way more romantic. And who wants to spend Valentine’s Day surrounded by people other than your bae?

Besides, maybe when your boo finds out he won’t be spending $100+ on some overpriced dinner, he’ll find the time to get something you actually like? Wishful thinking, but worth a shot.

Regardless, don’t waste your money, time, and good outfit on a prix fixe dinner at a “nice” restaurant. If you really want to go somewhere with boo for V-Day, go a day early, or a day late. You’ll beat the crowds and get the full menu experience at face-value. Besides, if you go a day early, you can just Instagram a pic the next day, and your followers will be none the wiser.

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