10 Pieces of Lingerie To Buy Yourself This Valentine’s Day

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

This goes for your latest work project, your laundry, and your meal-prepping. But do you know what else is something you should totally be doing yourself? Buying lingerie.

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It may be traditionally looked upon as something that women are supposed to receive from lovers, or buy for themselves to impress a lover, but it’s 2017, and times are changing.

Besides, you should never need an excuse to spoil yourself with something racy and lacy. And who says you need someone in particular to show off to? It’s called a mirror… or a selfie.

Whether you’ve got a partner or you’re single af, you should buy yourself lingerie for Valentine’s Day. We’ve picked out some of our fave pieces that would look great on you.


This Babydoll is cozy enough to lounge around your room in, but also sexy enough to make you want to dance around to Drake all night long.


Velvet was hot AF last fashion week, and we have a feeling it’s not going anywhere. We love the idea of this luxe fabric on something skimpy like this set.

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What is it about bodysuits that make you look so good? If you’re feeling extra naughty, you can wear this out with pants and a blazer, but it’s also perfect for feelin’ yourself all alone at home.


Think of this bra as having built-in pasties, but without the stickiness or non re-usability.


We can’t promise that you won’t need any assistance to get this piece on, but we can promise that it’ll be worth it.


This set is perfect all by itself, but can also be layered with low-rise pants or a sheer top for a sexy layered look.


This bralette is so delicate that you’ll feel like you’re wearing absolutely nothing.


Delicate and embroidered doesn’t have to mean ridiculously expensive. Even the brokest bitch can afford to spoil herself a little bit.


This velvet bralet makes your old underwire push-up bra look like a torture device. Comfy is sexy.


Sometimes classic isn’t a bad thing. While your roomie is out with her Tinder date on V-day, strut around your apartment in this and some heels.

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