10 Velvet Pieces To Give You a Luxe Look For Under $100

Velvet always seems to be a go-to winter fabric, but this year velvet is cranking things up a notch.

From thigh-high boots to embellished chokers, an excuse to wear some plush velvet is one of the few good things about winter.

While you’d expect something so luxurious to have a luxurious price tag, we’ve hand-picked some of our favorite velvet pieces for the season, all under $100. Is it too early to start making your holiday wish list?

1. These Boots Were Made For Walkin’

Not only will these boots match with literally everything you own, but they’ve also got a super discreet print to make them look faaancy af, even though they’re only $98!

2. Classy & Naughty

We like to think that Anastasia from 50 Shades of Grey would wear this if she wasn’t such a wet blanket. The pearls say lady in the streets, but the wide black velvet band says freak in the sheets.

3. For The Ballet Baes

The good news is that this will keep one of your arms warm in the winter, and you can just grab on to a hot hunk with your other arm! Also, bodysuits are the best answer to wearing non-high-waisted pants out in the winter.

4. Hot (& Soft) Ass

Okay, so the way the model is wearing these are sort of impractical..but throw on a pair of tights (or a pair of fishnets and over-the-knee boots), and you’ve got this look on lock.

5. Lace Me Up, Zaddy

Everyone and their mother is wearing chokers these days, but none of the basics are going to have a choker as cool as this one.

6. Underneath It All

Buying a velvet thong is probably a little bit extra, but I mean, so are you. And the long-line bra can totally double as a going-out top with high-waisted jeans.

7. Slip Into Something More Comfortable

Hit two trends with one purchase by rocking this velvet slip. It looks oh-so flattering and unlike with a silk slip, you won’t totally freeze your ass off.

8. A Winter Version Of Your Fave Summer Look

Take this over-saturated summer look up a notch by wearing it in velvet.

9. A Flat That’s Fashionable

Ballet flats suck, but sneakers are sometimes too casual. A pair of shoes like these meet right in the middle for comfortable shoes that will actually match your personal style.

10. Jump On It

Dress this up with a rhinestone choker and heels, or dress this down with an oversized denim jacket and sneakers, the possibilities are endless!

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