How To Dress Sexy In Below Zero

I’ll admit it, I like to show a little- or a lot- of skin. If you’ve got it, flaunt it right? I also tend to have a sweating problem, so there is always an extra excuse in the summer time to be wearing minimal clothing.


However, when winter comes around, not only do my spirits get low, my going-out wardrobe gets very questionable. It’s pretty damn hard to look sexy when you’re freezing your butt off- and how are you supposed to show off your newly toned ass if it has to be covered by thick denim?


While some people can brace the cold more than others, you will regardless look stupid going bar-hopping in booty shorts in January, regardless of how warm your wine-blanket is keeping you.


Luckily, although I have had my moments wandering through snowy streets in fishnets and heels, I have devised some fool-proof tips to make sure that a snowy season doesn’t cause you a drought.

1. LAYERS: This may seem obvious, but some people clearly missed out on this memo. Once it started dropping below 60, my roommate pulled out her quilted coat. A Coat?! Isn’t that a bit excessive? It’s not snowing yet. Even when it is snowing, the bar/club you’re going to will most likely be hot. If it’s not, your increasing drunkenness may also cause you to get toasty. So, wear a coat, wear a sweater, fine. But wear something short sleeved or breathable underneath, because nobody thinks your sexy dancing with your hands up if you have sweat stains.


2. Crop Tops + High waisted jeans: I have learned that this is a good go to look when you want to dress sexy but not stupid in the winter. Like me, you probably have way too many crop tops that get no use in the winter because trying to wear them with regular waisted jeans results in a little too much tummy being exposed while you’re downing 7 mojitos. However, if you get yourself a few long sleeve crop tops and some flattering high-waisted jeans, you’ve got your key pieces for the cold front. Why is exposing your stomach acceptable in below freezing weather? Because when you’re outside you’re conveniently covering this fact with your coat! Besides, who’s stomach really gets hot… right?


3. Thigh Highs: Contrary to general knowledge, thigh high tights/ boots are one of the few things that manage to make you look sexier by covering more. Wearing a cute sweater dress with wedges? Switch those out for some thigh high boots and your sex appeal just went from Bruce Jenner to Kim Kardashian like that.


4. Use the weather to your advantage: While freezing temperatures might not allow for your favorite Nastygal mini dress, don’t forget what they do for your hair and makeup. Feel free to straighten your hair and know that it won’t frizz up the moment you walk outside. And don’t even worry about your makeup melting off or your face getting greasy (although this does depend on how hard you’re going on the dance floor). You might not feel like a stunner in your north face puffer jacket, but I promise some sexy makeup and hair can make up for this better than you realize.


Just because the temperature is cold, doesn’t mean you have an excuse to not look hot. So instead of eating left over Christmas cookies in your sweatshirt this winter, use this wise advice to keep sexy all year long.


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