The 10 Most Right Swiped Male Names On Tinder

Tinder releases its top 10 right-swiped names every single year. And you shouldn’t care, but obviously, you do.

But like, when you’re swiping through Tinder, are you really choosing a guy based on his name? Maybe a little, but for the most part, you’re choosing based on if he’s sexy, if he has lame mirror selfies, and if he seems like a serial killer or not.

But c’mon, you still want to know if your bae made the top 10, right? Even if all these names are so basic it hurts.

1. Lucas

Still has the shaggy haircut that was cool in 2004.

2. Ryan

Peaked in high school.

3. Matthew

Joined a fraternity in college and ruined all his chances of hotness with a beer belly.

4. Nick

Takes all of his Tinder dates to the same bar.

5. Josh

Uses the type of opening messages you see in those 45 Craziest Tinder Pickup Lines” articles.

6. Brandon

Wears basketball shorts to real life events, not just the gym.

7. Justin

Has a girlfriend.


Is way too shy to actually hit on you IRL.

9. Adam

If you say that you like a band, he’ll tell you to name their last five albums and every band members’ horoscope sign.

10. Andrew

Thinks eating girls out is gross.

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