Bumble Just Banned Mirror Selfies Because It’s Classy Like That

Every girl using a dating app has had the internal debate where she decides if a dude is hot enough to make up for the fact that one of his photos is a mirror selfie.

Usually, he’s not. But in the back of your mind, you’re always a little bit sad that you had to swipe left on the dude with a perfect body, pretty green eyes, and whose bio said 6’3″ all because his profile photo was him taking a shirtless selfie, which means that he must be a total douche.

Well Bumble, every girl’s fave dating app, is taking a step against the swipe-left-regret by banning mirror selfies altogether. They’re also banning solo pics of people’s kids, cuz why the fuck would you even do that.

The app’s reasoning behind the selfie ban has to do with their belief that dating apps shouldn’t hold different standards than real life interactions.

“We’re over online spaces having different rules than other social spaces,” wrote Bumble on their blog.

While this is a tough sell, this idea means we’d stop receiving dick pics, so we’re totally down. They continued:

“Imagine Bumble being a restaurant where you can introduce yourself to people who pique your interest. How would you dress, act, and conduct yourself? How would you want others to dress, act, and conduct themselves? Would you wear only your underwear? Probably not. And you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable walking up to someone in their underwear either.”

In case you (or your local muscle-head bro) are worried about being kicked off the app or having your photos deleted, Bumble has created a handy guide.

Honestly, we’re still kind of confused about the second pic. Why is taking a mirror selfie okay if you’re in the gym? But I guess it’s a little less douchey than taking one in your dirty bathroom mirror, so we kinda understand.

Regardless, this new rule will mean that you can stop swiping past weirdos posing half naked in their mom’s basement, but it also means that you may have a harder time determining if a guy is a douchebag or not.

Never fear, his fuckboy tendencies are sure to become apparent sooner than later, even if he no longer can post shirtless selfies.

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