Tinder Is Tryna Be Bumble, Now Has a Friend Finding App

Tinder led the way for mobile dating apps, but Bumble has been pushing them to the side as of late.

After all, Tinder is known for hook-ups and hook-ups only, but Bumble gives girls control of the app, allowing them to avoid dick pics and simultaneously date on their own terms. With the launching of Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, Tinder seems to have been left on the sidelines, even though they’ve been trying to introduce new features like Spotify (also previously introduced by Bumble in June) and group dating.

So, in an attempt to be more female friendly, Tinder has invested in a female friendship app called Hey! Vina, according to Forbes.

The founder of Hey! Vina, Olivia June Poole, created the app for the same reason that most women turn to friends-only apps, because it’s impossible to make friends with thirsty dudes (a.k.a, all dudes).

“I’d go to these women in tech meet-ups, and it would be more than 50% men,” Poole told Forbes. “Instead of finding networking opportunities, I was getting hit on.”

While Tinder won’t be merging with Hey! Vina as of yet, they’ll be funding the app while also learning how to run a more platonic meet-up app.

“I wouldn’t rule out an integration down the road, but they currently have a lot on their plate as they scale up,” Sean Rad, the CEO and co-founder of Tinder, told Forbes. “Down the line, it makes sense to do something together.”

While we applaud Tinder for trying to move out of dick-pic-central and into something for the ladies who aren’t looking for a one night stand, it seems like they’re getting into the game a bit too late. Bumble BFF launched last March, and while people download multiple dating apps, we don’t really foresee girls downloading multiple friend-finding apps.

But maybe it doesn’t matter. I mean, no matter how much we all complain about Tinder, it’s still arguably the first app that people download when they want to dip their toe into the world of online dating. While other dating apps are ditching the swipe, Tinder seems to have the monopoly on horny college students and people trying to find a vacation f*ck buddy. So even if they can’t get in on the girls looking for BFF trend, they’ve still got the girls looking for someone to make their ex jealous ASAP.

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