Now You Can See If Your Tinder Match Has Sh*tty Taste In Music

Judging your potential bae based on their taste in music totally valid. Seriously, there was a time in my life where every guy I dated was someone I bonded with over an old pop-punk song while drunk, I swear.

Obviously, there’s no need to be a music snob. But if you’re on Tinder judging dates by five profile pictures, why not judge them by their Spotify playlists?

Well, thankfully for those of you who believe a bae who shares your obsession with EDM is more important than a bae who has a six pack, Tinder has now partnered with Spotify to include a feature where users can add music to their profile, according to TechCrunch.

The Spotify feature allows other Spotify users who are also on Tinder to display their most-played songs on Spotify. It’s unclear if you can opt in or out of this feature, but hopefully you can. Because if your little sister hijacked your Spotify account and played T-swift’s “Bad Blood” 300 times, you might be f*cked.

If you don’t have Spotify, you can still pick your own “Tinder Anthem,” which is kind of hilarious and also kind of awesome. It’s kind of like the hours you wasted trying to pick the coolest song for your Myspace profile, only for everyone who viewed your page to mute it immediately and click on your profile picture with the most cleavage.

And really, what type of song is going to “win” over Tinder matches? If you’re a straight girl, I can guarantee that your song is not going to have any effect on dudes, so you might as well YOLO and put the weirdest song you can think of. Maybe a Gregorian Chant or “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred? The world is yours.

In the mean time, have fun judging potential Tinder baes on more than just their shirtless selfies and pics with exotic animals. After all, those badass skydiving pics are totally going to be canceled out if a guy has a basic ass “Tinder Anthem.”

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