Katy Perry’s New Perfume Is Named After a Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ Lyric

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past three years, then you know that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have bad blood.

In fact, as you may recall, Taylor Swift even wrote a song about it (although she swears it’s not about one person in particular).

While Katy Perry’s rumored reaction song never materialized, it seems like Katy has finally figured out her own way to throw some not-so-thinly veiled shade Taylor’s way: with a new perfume.

That’s right, celebrity feuds are extending to fragrances now.

To borrow a popular phrase, what a time to be alive.

Not only does Katy Perry have a new perfume, but it’s called “Mad Love,” and if that means nothing to you then you’re obviously not a Taylor Swift fan and/or don’t listen to music, in which case, please let me explain the significance to you.

So you remember how I said earlier that “Bad Blood” was about Katy Perry?

Well, one of the lyrics in the chorus just so happens to be, “Well baby, now we got bad blood / you know it used to be mad love.” 

Crazy complicated, right?

Of course, seeing as Katy’s 2015 scent was called “Mad Potion” this could all be one big coincidence, but seeing as Katy Perry isn’t dumb or oblivious, we highly doubt it.

Guess the ball is back in Taylor’s court, just in time for a new album cycle.


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