You Can Now Play Matchmaker For Your BFF on Tinder

Have you ever swiped by a guy on Tinder that you would never in a million years want to bang, but that your BFF Alyssa would probably go ga-ga over? Well, there’s now a feature for that.

Tinder now lets you virtually send other users’ profiles to your friends, according to Cosmopolitan.

This idea was likely copied from the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, which has always allowed users to send their “bagels” to their other friends on the app. Bagels is what they call potential baes

At first glance, this might seem kind of strange. But it’s also kind of genius. I mean, think of all the swiping you have to do on Tinder before you find someone who actually makes you want to swipe right? Wouldn’t it be better if your BFF who knows that you love brunettes and hate jocks could just send you over guys that are your “type” when she happens to pass them by while swiping on her morning commute?

In a perfect world, your closest friend will suddenly start sending you all these hotties and your next month will be filled with dinner dates and good dick. In reality, you and your friends will probably start sending over all the undesirable Tinder dudes (a.k.a, most of them) to each other as some sort of sick joke.

Be prepared to start receiving the profiles of 50 year old dudes taking shirtless selfies and 300 pound guys wearing “bitches love me” t-shirts from your caring besties.

Isn’t Tinder fun?

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