I Asked Guys On Tinder Why They Had Guns In Their Profile Pictures

Dudes’ Tinder photos are always hilarious. Whereas girls put up the six photos where they look the hottest, guys seem to curate their photos specifically to portray themselves as hot, smart, daring, rich, and adventurous people.

You never realized how many guys had casual pics with tigers until you downloaded Tinder. You also never realized how many guys go sky-diving and mountain climbing. But while it kind of makes sense that dudes try to seem worldly or athletic, it never really made sense to me why guys put photos of themselves with guns in their profiles.

I mean, seriously, the worst case scenario on Tinder is that a dude is a mass-murderer and/or rapist, both of whom would probably carry guns. Isn’t it weird to hold a threatening weapon when trying to meet strangers to Netflix and chill with?

After the Orlando shooting got me extremely riled up about the United States of America’s joke of gun control laws, I decided to download Tinder and see what dudes with guns in their photos had to say about it. I used Tinder Passport to swipe down south because I figured I’d find more dudes showing off guns with their full camo outfits. Plus, it would ensure that I didn’t run into anyone I knew.

1. The Horny Gun Apologist


This dude was clearly not letting the gun in his profile picture ruin his shot at getting laid, and we respect him for that. He typed up a huge-ass story to some random girl on Tinder just to ensure that she didn’t think he was a bad guy. But like most dudes on Tinder, when he realized that his conversation skills weren’t getting him anywhere, he went for a last ditch effort to get nudes

2. The Guy Who Has a Daughter, But Also Wants an AR-15

This guy’s photo was legit a picture of him holding a big jar with a sign that said “AR-15 DONATIONS.” When I asked about it, he casually tried to act like it wasn’t there…

LOL, the casual switch from a picture of you begging for money for a gun to a picture of you carrying your daughter. Interesting. Again, valiant effort in attempts to get laid and not scare away a Tinder match. Although I’d argue that for some girls a dude with a kid is even scarier than a dude with a gun.

3. The Guy Who Doesn’t Take Anything Seriously

Why does this feel like when a 12-year-old guy asks a girl for a nude and says “JK” when she says no? Probably because if I had said “yes, I like guns,” he would probs have gone off about how many he has and how great he is at hunting. Not to mention that if you didn’t take Tinder seriously, wouldn’t you be messaging girls funny pick-up lines instead of having a serious convo? Very sus.

Conclusion: dudes with guns in their Tinder pics are just like regular guys on Tinder (only scary), they’ll do and/or say anything to get laid.

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