Let’s Compare Gun Control To Abortion!

Last week, a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs was violently attacked by Robert Lewis Dear, killing three and injuring many others. It’s unclear whether Dear is anti-abortion, a terrorist, or simply out of his mind, but it shouldn’t matter. There have been so many shootings this year (355, to be exact) that it’s impossible to sort out the motive for every single rampage.

It doesn’t matter why Robert Lewis Dear attacked Planned Parenthood, he could have attacked a school, or a movie theater, and it wouldn’t be news to us. The fact is that three people are dead from one man and his gun, and they’re joining hundreds of other Americans who have been buried this year as victims of mass shootings.

But, for the sake of the argument, let’s say that Dear was strongly anti-abortion. Let’s say that he was attacking Planned Parenthood for his belief that women shouldn’t be able to end the life of an embryo that is growing inside them. Many scoffed at the twisted logic of Dear’s actions, asking themselves why someone would try to end innocent lives in defense of his pro-life beliefs.

But, let’s take this one step further. What if every man who wanted to own a gun went through the same process that every woman goes through before undergoing an abortion?

While every state in the U.S. upholds different laws regarding gun control and abortions, a snapshot of the laws can show us where America falls in their views. Since 2010, states such as Arkansas have been leading the way in anti-abortion laws. In North Dakota, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Alabama, Idaho, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Oklahoma; abortions are illegal from 6-22 weeks of conception (varying by state). Even if women are interested in getting an abortion before the legal cut-off, many states make this near to impossible with no available clinics (there are only six in the entire state of Texas), a required number of doctor visits, and other hoops to jump through. In fact, there are only nine states where abortions are lawful without any specific restrictions on timing.

When it comes to guns? More than 50% of states don’t require citizens to obtain a state-issued permit before purchasing a firearm. The majority of legislature surrounding gun laws is outlawing individuals from carrying concealed weapons rather than making it difficult to purchase a gun. And once someone obtains a gun, it seems that trying to regulate where they use it is a bit pointless. In the situation of a mass shooting, it doesn’t seem that the shooter is trying to “conceal” his weapon once he begins to open fire.

So what if we reversed the roles? What if instead of making it difficult to get an abortion, we made it difficult to buy a gun? What if every man who wanted to buy a gun needed a mandatory 48 hour waiting period and a note from his doctor? What if every man who wanted to buy a gun had to watch a video about the negative effects of gun violence in attempts to discourage him? What if every man who wanted to buy a gun had to travel hundreds of miles to reach the only gun distributor in his state? What if outside the gun distributor there were angry activists calling him a murderer and a horrible person? What if every man was made to feel embarrassed about buying a gun and had to keep it secret from all of his friends and family?

It sounds completely ridiculous, but so are the current restrictions barring women from getting abortions. Some people may not believe that it is a woman’s choice to end a life within her own body, but I think we can all agree that it is not a man’s choice to end the lives of three, ten, or one hundred innocent people with his legally obtained firearm.

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