MTV Is Bringing Back ‘True Life’ For A Series About Orlando Shooting Victims

While old MTV show “True Life” was mostly just funny and entertaining, the legendary music television network has announced they’ll revive the concept by focusing on a relevant cause instead.

“We are Orlando,” is a docuseries that will examine the lives of victims of the mass shooting that took place in Florida this past year. An episode titled “True Life: We Are Orlando,” will focus on the stories of four survivors; Patience Carter and Tiara Parker are two girls who were trapped in the bathroom with the shooter for a number of hours, Tony Marrero, who was shot four times and is still going through an intense medical recovery, and Joshua McGill, a bartender who ended up caring for an extremely injured person on the night of the shooting.

The show is still in production, but MTV has announced that they’ll roll out exclusive clips from the upcoming show via what else, but Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Discover, and Tumblr. You can see a sneak peek from a clip that’s been released online here. It’s short, but the footage of one dude’s arm healing from shooting wounds is already really intense and hard to watch.

“We Are Orlando” will premiere August 15 on MTV.

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