Tinder Finally Made Over 40 Genders Available To Users

Tinder, the dating app that everybody loves to hate, just launched a new feature so that transgender and gender-nonconforming users can self-identify. The question is, what took them so long?

Tinder has been around since fall 2012, which means it’s taken them four years to launch this feature.

They had time to launch Tinder “stories,” they had time to work with Spotify, and they had time to set up group dates, but a feature for trans people still didn’t exited. Until now.


The feature allows users to decide if they want to display their gender on their profile, and if they want to show up in the feeds of male or female users.

But the thing is, it’s too little too late. Making your app friendly for trans people isn’t a publicity stunt that you pull when it’s convenient to make you look woke, it’s something that you should have provided to begin with, especially when trans users were getting harassed via your app.

Granted, everybody has probably gotten slightly harassed on Tinder, because white boys who like guns populate Tinder like a fucking virus, but you probably didn’t get banned from Tinder like many trans people did.

Business Insider reported on the issue in summer 2015, when many trans users were getting banned from Tinder.

Up until today, Tinder only offered two gender options, male and female. So, a transgender woman would have to pick one of the two choices. The problem? Men with fragile masculinity might match with a trans woman and then feel as if they had been “lied to” or “tricked.” This then led to sexually frustrated and angry users to report the trans accounts. This even happened to users who clearly stated that they were trans in their profile.

Some users are happy that they can now use the app without having to explain themselves to every match or getting reported by a horny dude who swiped right without reading their profile.

Other users remind us why Tinder (and all other websites that don’t crack down enough on harassment, to be fair) gets a bad rap anyway.

Oh, and it’s currently Transgender Awareness Week, which is nice. Sucks for any transgender people who were harassed on the platform last week, though.

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