Meet North Carolina’s First Trans Homecoming Queen

18 year-old Selena Milian is making history as the first transgender homecoming Queen to be crowned in her home state of North Carolina. Galore caught up with her to hear about her experience as a member of the trans community and breaking the mold.

First and foremost, what has been your experience with identifying as trans?

Supportive and interesting. Being way out here in North Carolina, with all these laws, it’s surprising how everyone helps me to stick up for my rights and stick up for myself, but also interesting because there aren’t really that many trans people out here who are in high school.

Was there a specific instance in your life that led you to realize your gender identity?

No, I always felt like this. I learned about being trans off of YouTube and that’s how I figured out who I am.

What has been your family’s reaction to you coming into yourself? How about your friends?

They’re so supportive and they’re still learning day by day. I have family members who support me and other family members that just don’t and I just don’t talk to them. I try to keep the good, positive people in my life.

I know you’re into cosmetology. What do you say to people who think makeup feeds into unrealistic beauty ideals?

I say, my makeup just enhances, it’s like an accessory or clothing. It’s something to put yourself out there and to have fun and give you a confidence boost.

Who are some of your role models in the trans community?

Laverne Cox. I love Gigi Gorgeous! And Amiyah Scott, I love her.

The trans community faces a lot of oppression. What has been your experience with that?

People talk about how tall I am and that gets clocked a lot, people can tell I’m trans, and I’m criticized for my weight. Just my personal image and my look is questioned.

What did it mean for you to win homecoming Queen?

I felt so much support and love and respect that I’ve gotten from my peers, it was just shocking, so unexpected.

So what are you focused on now? What’s next on your agenda now that you’ve conquered homecoming?

In the near future, I plan to expand my following on YouTube so that I can have a more powerful voice on trans issues. I would also like to run for Miss Trans North Carolina for the same reasons.

Do you have any messages for other transgender people?

To not care what people think and stay strong and fight to be who you are.

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