Gigi Gorgeous Was Just Detained in Dubai for Being Trans

Beauty vlogger and model Gigi Gorgeous was reportedly detained in the United Arab Emirates and she’s implied that it was because she’s transgender.

Gigi posted to Instagram that she was stuck in the airport for five hours, until being rescued by friend and rumored love interest Nats Getty. She has since left the country. Here’s what she wrote on Instagram:

After being detained and held at the Dubai airport for over 5 hours, this was the moment my baby came to rescue me. Yesterday was one of the scariest moments of my entire life and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. How you can be denied entry somewhere just because of who you are is seriously disgusting and also very scary. This further proves the need for CHANGE. I am now on my way to somewhere much more accepting. Safe and sound and happy. I love you guys💋

Nats also re-posted the photo, with the caption, “Locked up a broad #igotmybabyback #babyback #babybackribs #freegigi.”

Another friend and member of the Getty family, August Getty, posted on Instagram that Gigi would have been arrested if she’d set foot outside the airport.

“I want to the thank @glaad and everyone at homeland security and White House who helped get my friend safe and on a plane again, this is NOT okay,” he wrote. “This is a very dark circumstance and people should be informed and people should be ashamed. The fact that she would have been arrested if she stepped foot out of the airport disgusts me. No one deserves to not be who they are.”

TMZ reported yesterday that the issues stemmed from Gigi allegedly being described as male on her passport — “the imitation of women by men” is a crime in Dubai and can lead to up to a year in jail time. Gigi told TMZ that her passport has in fact been updated since her transition.

Either way, Gigi is safe now and hopefully having the time of her life on vacation elsewhere. God knows she deserves it.


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