Stories by Gabrielle Noel

  1. No, Bisexual People Don’t Have to “Pick A Side”

    As a woman, bisexuality feels like being torn between two separate worlds. Although we fall under the LGBT+ umbrella, we’re not entirely welcome there. If we can pass as straight, our sexuality isn’t trusted and we can up feeling like visitors rather than members of that community. Daisy, 22, was surprised how excluded the gay community made her feel. She

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  2. drake_hotline_bling_bat_mitsvah_galore_mag

    Why Drake Is Getting Roasted for His Dancehall Tunes

    I’ll admit it, Work, Controlla, and One Dance were the soundtrack to an amazing summer last year. Hearing that trifecta of dancehall-inspired bangers made me feel invincible. It reminded me of summers at my family’s home in Grenada and the clubs I’d gone to over there. But Drake’s involvement in Work, and him releasing Controlla and One Dance,

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  3. kim_kardashian_makeover_galore_mag

    It Looks Like Kim K’s Snapchat Is Different From Ours

    Kim’s Snapchat looks entirely different from the average user’s and we need answers. On Sunday’s intense episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim is observed taking videos for her Snapchat story. The footage is later incorporated into the episode featuring a countdown clock from 95 seconds down. Which is weird AF since Snapchat hasn’t

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  4. How Dela Wesst Became a Boss Despite OCD

    Pretty much everyone is trying to be a boss these days. For the 1 in 5 adults dealing with mental health issues, however, becoming a boss can feel impossible. For Catiana Edmonson, also known by her stage name Dela Wesst, finally understanding her mental illnesses allowed her to fall in love with herself and properly chase her dreams.

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