I Got a Clarisonic And Realized How Much Dirt I Was Missing

I guess I finally angered the skincare gods because after years of skin neglect with zero consequences, I have begun to severely break out.

I’m sure this sounds whiny coming from someone who has never had skin issues. But I got used to a bunch of skin faux pas, like sleeping in my makeup, and it shows.

I started getting acne in large areas and it was leaving scars. I’m also a skin picker, which was never an issue with the occasional teensy blemish, but is a huge problem now that my skin is worse. So like, I popped a group of five pimples and the area got so inflamed that it formed a scab. I picked that, too, so now I have a one-inch scar that looks like I got hit with something.

My first step in my skincare journey was using tea tree oil. I honestly love it because it moisturizes and reduces the look of scars, but it wasn’t stopping new breakouts. Plus, I wanted to work on getting rid of scars completely. So I ultimately decided to buy a Clarisonic!

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The main reason anyone should invest in a Clarisonic is because my muva Oprah recommended it and she would never lead you astray.

But if that’s not enough, I also love how completely it removes dirt from my face. If you think you’re accomplishing this already, you’re probs wrong. I don’t care how bomb your face wash is or how soft your Victoria’s Secret washcloth feels, once you try cleansing with a Clarisonic you will see the horrific truth. It removes way more dirt and makeup than I thought existed on my face and all of my skincare products even work more effectively because of it.

It beeps every 15 seconds or so and then turns off after 4 beeps, which I didn’t really understand until I googled it. So apparently I’m supposed to start with my forehead area, and then switch to my nose-and-chin area, and then do each cheek. I was just rubbing it all over until it turned off but it works way better when I actually follow the directions. Who knew.

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It has three different kinds of brush attachments and they’re each really expensive, so it can get pricey over time. I just use the Sensitive brush attachment and it works perfectly. Each one is supposed to last three months if you’re washing them regularly, and my kit started with three, but I don’t know yet how I’ll feel spending $30 every 3 months.

For now, I’m fully in the honeymoon phase. It’s so gentle that I’ve even used it on scabs without it reopening the wound. I also notice that my scars are way less visible now and my breakouts aren’t as severe, so I’m honestly in love (until I run out of brushes). It’s worth the price (again, so far).

Just a warning: you absolutely have to clean your brush weekly or it gets really gross. Just washing off the soap is not good enough! So I unscrew the brush head and use antibacterial soap, because otherwise it’s like putting mold and bacteria back on your face. It also hasn’t stopped my breakouts completely in their tracks so I find I’m still breaking out, but I’m happy to at least see the problem dying down.

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