Holistic Dermatology Might Be the Answer to Your Skin Woes

Being the skin obsessed person that I am, I’m always researching the latest skin products and methods out there. During one of my usual skin searches, I came across something called holistic dermatology.

At first, when I heard the term “holistic,” I immediately thought weed. Yes, I know but I’m being honest here. But as I dove in deeper, I discovered that holistic dermatology is a more natural approach to the traditional one we all know. While I was probing the internet for info, there was one name that kept popping up, Alan M. Dattner, MD.

Dr. Alan Dattner is holistic dermatologist who practices integrative medicine and dermatology in Manhattan and New Rochelle, NY, and he is also the author of “Radiant Skin from the Inside Out.” He aims to treat patients with skin and inflammation disorders that are not easily treated, and he’s been working at it for over 30 years.

So, as your personal skin investigator, I made it my mission to get the ins and outs of what Holistic Dermatology is and what it can do for you right from the man himself.

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What exactly is holistic dermatology?

Holistic dermatology is treatment of the skin using the least invasive natural means addressing the underlying cause: emotional, environmental, infectious or genetic. It is both integrative and eclectic, using diagnostic criteria and treatment from other healing systems as well as medicine and dermatology.

What made you want to go against the traditional approach of dermatology?

My approach embodies the principles and understandings of Dermatology, and with that perspective, attempts to fix the causal sequence that leads up to skin issues, rather than suppressing the final common immune response leading to inflammation. I was concerned about the possible dire side effects of poisoning in the immune response with steroids and other similar agents, or chronic use of antibiotics and wanted to find a better way.

What are the benefits of going the holistic route when it comes to fixing skin problems?

• Avoiding dangerous side effects of immunosuppressive and other medications

• Getting control of some conditions that do not respond to conventional treatment

• Clearing up underlying digestive and inflammatory conditions that the skin shows symptoms of, in the process of controlling skin disease at its root

• Preventing manifestation of conditions which are in the process of developing, such as autoimmunity

Are there any other benefits besides improved skin? For instance, what does naturally fixing skin problems and opting to not use chemical-filled products do for the body long-term?

There are definite benefits of using a more natural approach including avoiding endocrine disruptor’s and other toxins and sensitizers that are part of the less natural products. Beyond that fixing gut, liver, endocrine, and other organ systems in order to clear the skin, helps clear numerous other conditions, from bloating and indigestion to chronic fatigue. Other allergies often fall away as well.

What types of products, medicine, or methods are used to treat patients with severe acne and dry skin?

I use a variety of products to improve the micro-biome of the gut and improve the digestion in order to treat severe acne. I treat dry skin with decreased bathing and addition of the anti-inflammatory essential fatty acids and applying natural oils to wet skin. Additional information on this and my treatments can be found in my book, “Radiant Skin from the Inside Out,” and on my website, www.holisticdermatology.com

Do find holistic dermatology just as effective as traditional dermatology or more?

In some cases, when a patient has a host of nutritional and environmental challenges that have not been addressed, or has a condition whose etiology is basically unknown or not understood, holistic dermatology can be more effective than traditional dermatology. When it comes to quick results in the short term, it may be as effective but conventional dermatology has powerful tools that tend to work faster in the short term. Long term, the holistic path is usually far more effective, if you continue working your way back on cause.

To Sum it All Up:

Basically, holistic methods focus not only on the skin, but the inside of your body as well. In order to achieve effective improvement of the skin, you have to make adjustments to what’s going on inside your body as well, and doing this using natural methods.

Traditional dermatology tends to focus more on improving the skin from the outside rather than the inside as well. But with holistic dermatology, you get both. Now, don’t expect quick results like you would with regular dermatology — this method takes time and patience and commitment.

If you want to take the plunge, start researching which herbal treatments, diet changes, and natural supplements you can use for your particular skin issues, rather than with drugs. Drugs are always there as a last resort, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could cure your acne without Accutane?

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