Stories by Tonya Burks

  1. Holistic Dermatology Might Be the Answer to Your Skin Woes

    Being the skin obsessed person that I am, I’m always researching the latest skin products and methods out there. During one of my usual skin searches, I came across something called holistic dermatology. At first, when I heard the term “holistic,” I immediately thought weed. Yes, I know but I’m being honest here. But as I dove

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  2. Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandez Knows She’s Fly AF

    If you seen “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” you know all about the seductress that is Joseline Hernandez. We can’t describe Joseline better than she describes herself, which is “the baddest puta,” a “fly ass bitch” — you get the idea. We caught up with her about how her upbringing influenced her style and what’s

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  3. mom_dating_advice_galore_mag

    Mother’s Day Gifts for the Laziest Girls Alive

    Alright ladies, the time to celebrate your mother is almost here — May 14th to be exact! The idea of gift giving can be a headache for most. And for some, it’s just way too much energy to be put forth. But no worries, we got you covered. I’m about to give you a few

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  4. Karlie Kloss Used A $13 Drugstore Highlighter For the Met Gala

    When I think of the Met Gala, I think expensive and luxury everything. But this is not case with model Karlie Kloss. If you seen pictures floating around of her looking “simply” amazing, you may have spotted a moment of “look at that highlight though!” And you might have thought it was just another overpriced highlighter, but not

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