This Beauty Secret Will Stop Facial Scars In Their Tracks

If you’re prone to facial scarring like I am, you’ll know that any breakout or cut can feel like the end of beautiful skin forever. Finally, we have found a quick fix: tea tree oil.

Last week, I scratched a patch of acne, which turned into a bruise, and then a scab. Which I picked. Of course, my awful facial scarring combines with an inability to leave my face alone.

I couldn’t leave the house. I knew it was just as bad as I thought it was because my brother saw my face and just screamed. A few people recommended tea tree oil and even though it smells like toothpaste, I applied it to my entire face every day for a week.

When you research tea tree oil, Web MD acts like it is the universal cure for everything. It’s supposed to be good for cuts, boils, acne, cold sores, and literally any other problem in your life including mildew. Apparently, Katy Perry uses it too. I was a little skeptical but it didn’t disappoint. Not only was the healing process smoother but I look almost like I never had a problem to begin with. Tea tree oil is the fairy godmother I spent my whole life waiting for.

If you’re looking to just clear up acne or reduce the risk of scarring, this will be a miracle product. And it doubles as an all-purpose surface cleaner. Who knew?

You can buy it: here.

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