Broke & Bougie: 10 Ways To Get a Lit NYE Look On a Budget

Have you ever bought a sparkly NYE dress that ended up sitting in your closet for the 364 other days of the year?

As exciting as dressing up and looking bomb for the holidays can be, it’s easy to go over budget and never touch your over-dramatic outfit again.

Instead of opting for the basic sequined dress, think of different ways to spice your NYE look up without wasting your money, we’ve got you with some ideas.

1. Bejeweled Chokers


Chokers are one of the 2016 trends that are likely making the cut into 2017. These necklaces can spice up basic pieces and make them more holiday-ish. Some sites charge $40+ but places like F21 and Pretty Little Thing have this dope pieces for cheap, with really good quality. Check out this one from Fashion Nova for only $15, perfect for NYE.

2. Body Chains


Body chains can be super chilled or over the top, but the key is to find a piece that brings your dull outfit to life. Say if you have a black top and skirt, a gold body chain can bring your whole fit together and make your friends think you actually put some thought and money into your outfit. Places like ASOS, Fashion Nova, and Nasty Gal have body chains that start at $20. If you need inspiration, check out this one from Nasty Gal for $25.

3. Faux Fur Heels


Faux fur heels are super cute and definitely scream bougie on a budget. Some faux fur heels cost over $100, but there are so many shoe-tiques online, especially in the UK, that are affordable and have great quality, so your heel doesn’t break mid-twerk on NYE. We found some with EGO Official that are under $50, just make sure you order in time since they’re overseas.

4. Glitter Makeup


Ever since Naomi Campbell wore red glitter lips at the VMA’s this summer, everyone is hopping on the trend. If you’re like me, you can’t afford Pat McGrath’s expensive ass kit to achieve this look, but don’t worry because Ka’oir Cosmetics has it and did it first anyways. Gucci Mane’s fiancee has had her own cosmetic line for years and has been doing the bold and glitter makeup look for years. She has an “Platinum GlitzStick Package” that includes a full lipstick, glitter & an applicator for under $30, or you can buy them separately. With over 25 shades, it will be super easy to find one to make your NYE outfit extra bougie.

5. Faux Fur Coats


Faux fur is perfect for the winter time and can take a $10 dress and some booties up to ultimate bougie bitch. When you think about it, these coats can be up to $200/$300, but this is the time of year where everyone is having sales and catching this item for a huge discount should be super easy. A coat that’s white or has some color to it will make your fit unforgettable and you can reuse your jacket all fall and winter. Check out this one from Nasty Gal for $75.

6. Sparkly Stockings


Rhinestone tights or fishnet stockings are staple items, and they’re the easiest way to take a balling on a budget look off the charts. A simple skirt or dress is 10 times hotter with some sparkly ass tights or sheer stockings. Most of these tights are super cheap and are the go-to items for being broke and bougie. Check out a similar look here for under $15.

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