8 Pairs of Tights To Make You Stand Out From Everyone In Fishnets

Fishnets are such a thing right now. The hosiery that was once reserved for showgirls and hussies is now super trendy and acceptable to wear in places other than the red light district.

But because everyone is wearing fishnets, you might want to change up your tights game, at least a little bit. We’ve scoured the internet for pairs of tights that pack a punch like fishnets, but are unique in their own way.

1. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Like basic black tights, but better. The dragon embellishments is everything, and maybe you can convince some idiot dudes at the bar that it’s a real tat so you can feel badass for the night.

2. The Secret Romantic

They’re not in your face girly, but the hearts definitely add a cute burst of happiness to any otherwise drab winter outfit.

3. The Dominatrix

Thigh highs are fun, thigh highs with a latex-looking band around the leg are even more fun.

4. Purple Haze

Black goes with everything, but this dark purple can definitely match with a lot of the shit in your wardrobe, and give you a leg up (pun intended) on everyone rocking the basic black fishnets.

5. These Fauxy Socks

These are very Fenty. In fact, they might have kind of been copied from one of Ri’s looks, but at $12, you can actually afford them.

6. To Get That Fake Lace-Up Boots Look

You can buy those cute, but horribly impractical lace up boots that everyone has been wearing, or you can buy tights like these and fake it. Considering they’re only $7, it seems like the better deal.

7. The Subtle-y Naughty

Words on tights are the type of thing that nobody will read, until somebody does and then they see you in a whole new light.

8. The Flower Child

Okay, so these aren’t exactly winter-wear, but who gives a fuck? They’re perfect for that winter rave, or you can save them for Coachella.

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