FYI, Half Of the People Who Say They “Don’t Want a V-Day Gift” Are Lying

“Oh no, you don’t need to get me a gift, don’t be silly!”

If you’ve ever uttered this line, you either were trying to seem chill and low-maintenance, felt guilty, or were trying to test someone.

But what about when someone says it to you? Do you take their word for it? Or do you at least buy them a little something-something, like a cheap bottle of wine on your way over, and hope for the best?

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Well, according to a V-Day study done last year,  half of the people who say they “don’t want a Valentine’s Day gift” are actually lying through their teeth.

I mean honestly, we’re surprised the number isn’t higher. What kind of person doesn’t want a gift? Especially a gift from bae? Although of course, your bae might be so horrible at picking out gifts that you’d rather save yourself the awkward lying and just not get a gift at all. So that’s fair.

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But for all the boys out there who have girlfriends that try to be low-maintenance or feel bad asking bae to spend money, if you’re reading this: get the girl a gift. Because chances are, she secretly wants one. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, you can knit a dang scarf, but just put some effort in, okay?

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