How These 4 Personality Types Affect Your Tinder Preferences

Have you ever noticed that some of your friends find quality men on Tinder and you end up with losers named “Chad” who reference their genitals in the first few minutes of your convo?

Well, it might not be because your friend is “wifey material” and you’re not, and it might not have to do with your area code, it could just be the types of guys that are attracted to you — or vice versa.

And I don’t mean types like “bad boy” or “jock,” I mean personality types.

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Helen Fisher, PhD and author of Anatomy of Love, explained to Cosmo that there are four personality types, and they can majorly affect who you match with on Tinder.

The traits aren’t exclusive, and most people exhibit features from each, but your personality type consists which traits you show the most. Which one are you?

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1. The Explorer:

Explorers express traits mostly based on their dopamine system, which leads them to seek out new experiences. They’re energetic, creative, and curious.

Explorers are down for other explorers, and they’re more likely to choose someone based on their interests rather than their looks. They’re impulsive, so they won’t really think twice about going on a last-minute Tinder date without stalking their date beforehand.

They also don’t follow schedules or stick to the “right way to do things,” so they might do something taboo like invite you over to their place for a first date — or turn a coffee date into a day-long festivity.

And yes, these are the guys with skydiving and world travel photos who somehow come across even more boring than the ones with all their photos in dive bars.

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2. The Builder: 

Builders express traits based on their serotonin system, which is a mood stabilizer.

Builders usually match best with other builders, and like explorers, they’re allegedly not only looking at looks when swiping through Tinder.

Builders are “traditional rule followers,” so they most likely stick to small-talk and are respectful via text before a date instead of asking if you fuck on the first night. They’re also more likely to be looking for a relationship that can actually work and last, and probably wouldn’t be down to date someone they didn’t see a future with. They’re not impulsive with their actions or feelings, so if they say they really want to see you, they mean it.

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3. The Director: 

Directors express traits based on testosterone, which is why directors are primarily male.

Helen explained to Cosmo that directors are drawn to women high in estrogen (a.k.a negotiators), and because of this, they’re more likely to swipe right on women who wear lots of makeup — because it mimics signs of high estrogen. Same could probably be said for them swiping right on women who show off their ample cleavage or bangin’ booty.

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Unfortunately, directors kind of sound like douches, and their traits include self-confidence and assertiveness with reduced empathy — sound like psychopaths!

They’re drawn to negotiators, but they’ll probably call said negotiator crazy and clingy before realizing she’s the one.

4. The Negotiator: 

Negotiators express traits based on estrogen, so most negotiators are female and way better at the whole relationship thing.

Some traits they exhibit are generosity, trust, and a drive to make social attachments — a.k.a always looking for a bae. They also have a “heightened memory for emotional experiences,” so they probs compare every new guy they swipe to their first love.

If you’re a negotiator, you’re probably drawn to directors, which is unfortunate cuz they sound like assholes and you sound like you really don’t need an asshole! But, Helen says you two complement each other, because your empathy and people skills make up for the director’s lack, and the director has confidence and focus where you lack it.

Unfortunately, you probably go on Tinder to look for a long-term relationship, even if you lie to yourself and say you aren’t. Just admit it already and you’ll stop ending up with fuckboys!

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