What Dudes Really Think When You Like Other Guys’ Instagram Pics

We’re not supposed to care when our boo likes other girls’ Instagram pics, but we do.

In fact, I know we do, because a previous post I’ve written about why you shouldn’t care is still one of my most popular pieces to date.

Even though you know your boo probably isn’t DMing the girl, or wishing he was hooking up with her, it’s still jealousy-inducing to know that he probably checked out her bikini pic and didn’t mind what he saw.

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So, you might wonder, does your boo feel the same way when you like your guy friend’s latest gym selfie?

Well, it’s hard to say, because not all girls get jealous when their boo likes other girls’ pics, so naturally not all guys do either. In fact, if we can gather any info from this Reddit thread about the topic, most don’t give it a second thought.

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Maybe you can learn a thing or two.

The Reddit user who started the thread seems to be the jealous type, since he felt the need to get his fellow bros’ opinions on the matter. He asked, “What are you thoughts on your girlfriend liking pictures of her attractive guy friends?

Reddit user wickedblight came out with the highest rated answer to the question, asking “Is she only liking his shit or does she like tons of stuff?”

This is a good point. Personally, I like everyone’s Instagram posts, whether it’s a pic of someone’s feet or their ass, and lots of people do the same.

“Honestly, there’s like at least a 90% chance you’re making a mountain out of a molehill,” he added.


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“I really don’t care very much about what my girlfriend does on Facebook,” said Reddit user B0000000BS. “If she’s liking other guys’ pictures and having sex with me, I know who is the winner here.”

This is also a great point, although it’s hard to take him seriously with that username. Sometimes, you should stop caring so much what your boo is doing as long as you’re the one who takes them home at the end of the night.

Other guys admit that they get a little jealous, but aren’t going to throw a fit.

“If it’s a worthy picture then I get it, I like cool pics my mates have on FB,” said Reddit user marley88. “If she just likes his topless photos or something then I might feel a little put out.”

We’re interested in knowing what a “worthy” picture is…

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But, at the end of the day, the whole freakin’ point of Instagram is to post pics and get likes — or like, become an influencer, I guess. It’s not Tinder, and there’s a big difference between innocently liking someone’s pic vs. going down in the DMs.

“My girlfriend went on several girls’ Instagrams to see if I was liking their pictures, which I was, but I didn’t find them attractive, it just means they’re my friend and I gave them a like,” said Reddit user ryanino. “That’s what Instagram is all about.”

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