These 7 guys admit they were the crazy ex

Everyone knows that guy love to call girls crazy without any other explanation, and when you dig deeper you realize that the “craziest” thing she did was show emotion or try to introduce him to his parents after they’d been dating for a full year.

So naturally, our favorite content involves girls telling stories about when their boyfriends were actually the crazy ones. But, by a stroke of luck, we actually stumbled upon content where guys admitted they were crazy. Self-awareness level really on 100.

In this Reddit thread, started by a guy who knew he was being crazy and wanted to feel comforted by others who had done the same, guys confess the times where they were the crazy ones. Enjoy.

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1. This Is Why You Don’t Stay Friends With An Ex

Not overtly crazy so much, but just a bit obsessive. Broke up with the ex and moved away. But then chatting online, I was just constantly obsessed with her and what she was doing. She would say ‘last night I went out,’ and my mind would fill in ‘…and went home with 3 guys and banged all 3 at once.’  I would probe a little around that too.

Once I visited and hung out with her and pathetically asked ‘can I kiss you?’ after we had driven somewhere.

Anyway finally just told her ‘I’m fixated on you and can’t move on so I’m going to stop talking to you.’ – urchigold

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2. Don’t Say Sorry If You’re Going to Flip Shit Later

She suggested we ‘take a break.’ I proceeded to write her a letter telling her how sorry I was for stuff and how I wanted to stay friends. Then I freaked out on her for not reciprocating. I texted her every few days/weeks for a few months before I accepted she was trying to ghost me. – zimmer199

3. Guys Getting Blackout After a Breakup? Never Seen That

SOme ‘I need a break’ situation. Met her at a Christmas party and got way too drunk. Ended the night crying like a hungry baby while all of our friends watched. I was a complete jackass and I cringe every time I think about that night. – Sludgerunner

4. LOL No Girls Can Relate

A couple times, really. Apparently asking her to communicate more and to be more open with me makes me a wacko. – GustavoM

5. Saved Him From Himself

Not crazy per se, but after months of a very very long, drawn out breakup, she blocked me. I freaked out and Googled her dad’s name (he’s a big pooba in her hometown) on a whim and easily found her home address despite never having been there or her telling me. I was about to send her some stuff and a letter or two when I realized just how weird that would be to do that. – komnenos

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6. Sounds Like You’re Trying To Blame The Girl!

After we broke up because she was so jealous and afraid I was going to sleep with her friends, I immediately started dating her housemate.

In my defense, I had no idea that girl was her housemate, and it turned out said girl was actually hiding that fact from me and only dating me to ‘win’ some weird competition she was having with my ex (without said ex knowing about it). But my ex didn’t know the reason, and hated me for it. – JaronK

7. Peeping Tom

After a breakup in February, I texted my ex on a Friday night to see if she was free and she said she had stuff to do. I proceeded to go to her house anyway…I got to her place at about 11:30 p.m. [and left at] about 1 a.m. Her sister drove up and parked her car and almost saw me. After that I drove off thinking (rightfully so) they would think I’m some kind of psycho. I still think she might have seen me, but didn’t say anything. – Psyclops81

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