13 Girls Explain When They Knew They Were Dating a Crazy Guy

Guys are very quick to call out girls on being crazy. While we certainly have our moments, it seems that the actions girls perform to be called “crazy” (i.e: calling out a guy for cheating on her, getting upset that her boyfriend forgot her birthday) are much more tame than some of the actions that guys do.

Yet, guys never get called “crazy.” Maybe they are called aggressive, or passionate, or sensitive, but never, ever crazy. Hate to break it to you, but men are more often than not the crazy ones, and many of us have had plenty of experience dating a crazy dude. In fact, for some of us, the craziest thing we’ve ever done is stayed with said men for so long before dumping them.

1. That’s Called Abuse, Dude

“He started a fight and said he would hit me if I didn’t move out of the way, even though someone was holding him in a chokehold, and I was just trying to calm him down and get him back into bed.”

2. How Poetic

“When he called me a ‘brick wall of emotion.'”

3. Get a Dog Instead

“When he got into a drunken fight at a party, and after his room-mate and I dragged him home, we had to lock him in his room so that he wouldn’t go back to the party and try to fight the guy from earlier. While locked in his room, we could hear him banging on the walls, it was as if we had locked a feral animal in a cage.”

4. That’s Way Too Much Effort

“When I found out he actually had another girlfriend living with him. He would hide all her things when I went over the house.”

5. Not Funny?

“When he made me believe for a week that he had cancer just to turn around and say just kidding. He also tried to get my bank account info at one point.”

6. Ever Tried Masturbating?

“My ex and I had been dating for about 8 months when I got a really bad case of strep throat and was hospitalized. When he finally came to see me, he started hysterically crying because I wouldn’t/couldn’t have sex with him. He continued crying until I agreed to have sex with him. I broke up with him a week later.”

7. RIP

“I got a text five years later saying, ‘this is his friend. Josh died in a car accident,’ and you reply ‘lol’ because you know it’s him who’s texting you and that he isn’t dead.”

8. Ask Google How To Dump Your BF

“We’ve all heard of crazy boyfriends having your passwords and checking your Facebook, social media accounts, etc, but my ex takes the cake. Once he got mad at me and asked me something and I was like, ‘wait how the fuck does he know that?’ I realized that he found a way to look at my Google searches from having my Gmail account info. He went on and figured out how to look up the questions I ask google.”

9. Paparazzi

“I was at a party and I posted a pic of me and my friend (who’s a girl), but my guy friend was in the background of the photo. My boyfriend flipped out on me and started questioning if I was talking to that guy.”

10. Thanks, WebMD

“He came up to me and said, ‘I think I’m actually a sociopath. There is this Tumblr page from this psychopath and I relate to some of the stuff they post.'”

11. The Terminator

“My ex saw me at a party and and said, ‘if you dance with anyone here they’re going to go missing.'”

12. That’s One Way To Get Out of a Rut!

“He texted me, ‘I haven’t fucked up in a while. I think I’m gonna pop a xan and do hella blow. gotta spice things up.'”

13. Broke Bitches Stand To The Left

“My boyfriend was a huge sneaker-head and would show me screenshots of closets of sneakers and say that they were his (even though it was obvious they were stolen from Instagram or Tumblr). He showed me a house on Google maps that was beautiful, glass, super modern and said that it was where his family lived. A year later, he took me home with him and his house was certainly not the house from the picture. He must have forgotten that he told me that, because on our way back to school, we passed the house from the photo and he pointed it out, saying ‘maybe I’ll buy this house for us someday.'”

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