Emmalyn Wrote a Song About Her New BF Having a Bigger Dick Than Her Ex

There are a few surefire ways to get revenge on an ex. And if you don’t want to go the burning their shit and slashing their tires route, there’s always the subtle shade throwing.

Meet Emmalyn, a singer who’s arguably our new fave shade queen – specifically related to getting back at an ex.

Her latest track, “Bigger Than You,” sounds like it could be a song about how she got over her ex by realizing her life was bigger than their relationship. But nope, it’s about how her new man has a bigger dick!

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If you know guys, you know this is arguably one of the harshest disses that they’ll get super butt-hurt over.

“Boys are competitive, especially when it comes to their size,” says Emmalyn. “They get intimidated and they always want to be the biggest one.”

To add insult the injury, the lyrics also call out the lil-dicked ex for not knowing WTF to do in bed.

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“There have been times when I’ve actually had to help a guy out on how to please me,” says Emmalyn. “Lately, I haven’t had that as much… It’s like you’re doing them a service.”

Savage. But the question on our mind is if this track is about a specific ex of Emmalyn’s, and if he’s going to know it’s about him once he hears it.

“I think my first boyfriend is definitely going to be a little offended when he hears it, but it is true,” she says. “He was kind of the inspiration behind it.”

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Ah, to be a muse for a masterpiece like this.

“He’ll probably say something about it,” she adds. “He has a good sense of humor, but we also remain friends. So I’m curious to see if he reaches out and says anything about it.”

This track is immediately taking the #1 spot on our break-up playlist, check it out below:

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