Guys Lasted 4 Minutes Longer In Bed 10 Years Ago

Honestly, f our lives.

We’ve all had problems with dudes that bust way too quickly, and while the guy usually gets way more embarrassed then he needs to be, it’s also annoying AF when he acts like it’s no biggie and doesn’t make an effort to repent.

Especially if it happens consistently.

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Well, because 2017 is so great and all, here’s a little fun fact: guys lasted four minutes longer 10 years ago.

How do I know this? Well, okay, it’s not total word for word fact, but we did some deductive reasoning using the transitive property and all that good stuff.

You see, Pornhub released some data to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and one fact stuck out to us:

“In 2007, the average time on Pornhub was 13:46. In 2017, the average time on site is 9:46.”

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At first glance, this just means people aren’t watching porn for as long as they used to, but we can only assume this is because people are finishing faster. Wouldn’t you say the same?

And, considering women traditionally take longer to finish and watch less porn than men, we’re going to assume this statistic has more to do with dudes.

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Sure, this could have something to do with the fact that technology is making our attention spans shorter or that porn videos are getting more “straight to the point,” but that doesn’t detract from the fact that guys are probs to def coming quicker.

No wonder your sex life blows.

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