Break Out The Wine, Everyone’s ‘Bout To Get Dumped This Weekend

Last week, we found out that the most common day to get cheated on was right before Thanksgiving because people wanted to get their sinning out of the way before the holidays. Lovely.

Now, statisticians who study Facebook relationship status posts have announced that the most common day for people to break up is December 11th, which is this upcoming Sunday.

Perhaps it’s because people find out about the cheating their partner did a couple of weeks ago? Or maybe people randomly decide they changed their minds about wanting to be cuffed for the holiday season?

Either way, we’re kind of surprised, because we’d totally think the most common day for breakups was towards the end of cuffing season, not towards the beginning. Wait, is cuffing season a lie?!?

No, no, it’s not. If you take a look at the below graph, it appears that right before spring break is close to tying December 11th as the most popular time for people to break up. Let’s be real, who wants to go to Cancun with a bae?


Then again, people who go FBO (Facebook official) are probably in pretty serious relationships, because who really does that anymore? So maybe it’s just that they’ve been dating forever and they randomly decide around the holidays that they want to be a hoe this New Years instead of kissing the same old loser for the third year in a row.

Whatevs. I would say that maybe you should hold your bae extra close on Sunday, but if your relationship is solid, you know better than to worry about it.

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