How To Remain Single During Cuffing Season

Do you ever look at someone and wonder why they’re dating such a loser/asshole/idiot? Well, it’s probably because they settled during cuffing season.

You don’t want to settle just because the weather is getting chilly, but sometimes the holiday season gets to you and you find yourself Netflix and chillin’ with the same dude who called you the wrong name last month. Here’s how to keep your head high and make it through cuffing season unscathed.

1. Surround Yourself With Other Single Friends

It’s really, really easy to want a boyfriend when all your BFFs are constantly ditching you to go apple picking or getting PSL’s with their baes. Before it’s too cold outside to make new friends, make sure that you have a solid group of girls to watch Sex and The City marathons and drink copious amounts of wine with during snow days. Sure, guy friends work too, but one of you is probably going to end up wanting to bone after too much spiked cider and things are going to get awk.

2. Make a To-Do List (of Things, Not People)

Okay, when you think winter couples, you probs think of cuddling and watching movies. But think about how much more productive you could be! Whether you’re trying to start a blog, get back into painting, or become a master chef, there are tons of things you can do in your apartment without going outside. Just make sure you get the supplies before the blizzard hits… or order that shit online.

3. Actually Go Through With No Shave November

The whole purposely not shaving trick to avoid accidentally hooking up with someone works every time, right? Well, imagine what a whole month or season of not shaving could do for your sex life! I mean, yeah, you’ll probably have no sex, but vibrators take up way less time and overthinking, plus you don’t have to reciprocate.

4. Block Your Ex’s Number

Before cuffing season gets even more underway, you should just block your ex’s number. If there was ever a time of weakness where you’d go back to them, it’s mid-January when you haven’t left the house in three days and your wi-fi signal is going in and out. Same goes for that dude who ghosted you, don’t let cabin fever make you think it’s a good idea to let him “come chill.”

5. Talk About Politics… A Lot

If there was ever a time you should talk about politics with a guy, it’s now. See what he thinks about Trump’s pussy grabbing comments or the idea of “locker room talk.” Chances are, he’s a Trump supporter because he “hates” Hillary for no apparent reason other than she’s a woman, but he blames Benghazi. You’ll likely get so frustrated by dudes that you won’t even want to see a penis until springtime.

6. Dress For The Weather

We’ve all made the mistake of thinking it was totes chill to wear a velvet mini dress in the dead of winter. Don’t make that mistake this year. In fact, make your cold weather uniform a full grey sweatsuit and Uggs. You’ll be comfy, you’ll be warm, and you won’t have to deal with getting hit on by fuckboys. Actually you probably still will, because the thirst is real.

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