6 Awesome Things About Being Single For The Holidays

While Halloween is for da hoes, the holiday season is generally regarded as the time you want to have a boo to share hot cocoa and candy canes with–hence, cuffing season.

But while you may occasionally wish you had someone to go ice skating with or to bring you food when you don’t want to face the cold, forget that shit, because being single during the holiday season can be great. In fact, just in case you’re not convinced, here are six legit af reasons why.

1. You Don’t Have To Waste Money On Someone Else’s Gift

Remember that one time you bought bae a nice-ass cashmere Ralph Lauren sweater and then you guys broke up a month later? Yeah, don’t make that mistake again. Also, don’t date a guy who wants a cashmere Ralph Lauren sweater ever again.

Think of all the shit you could’ve spent that money on. Why buy a gift for a fuckboy when you can buy a gift for yourself?

2. You Don’t Have To Awkwardly Decide Who’s Spending The Holidays With Who

When you date someone who isn’t from your hometown and things get serious, you have the awkward “holiday talk” each year. Who is spending the holidays with their family this year and who gets to grin and bear it while pretending they like hanging with ther boo’s family?

When you’re single, you get to spend the holidays with the people who have the same traditions as you and get you way better gifts: your family. Plus you don’t have to awkwardly introduce a bae to your old relatives when you could be drinking spiked egg nog and hiding in your room being anti-social.

3. You Get To Find a Rando On New Years

New Years is the OG thot holiday. Seriously. Halloween might be the day where everybody goes out in lingerie and animal ears, but New Years was the holiday that had you making out with randos way before you regularly made out with randos.

4. You’re Way Less Likely To Become a Sloth

When it’s negative degrees outside and you have a bae, it’s really easy to put on your uniform of grey sweatpants, binge watch Netflix, and order take-out for three meals a day. Since you’re with your boo, you don’t feel anti-social, out of shape, or embarrassingly useless.

But when you’re single, doing these activities make you feel like a more depressed version of Bridget Jones pre-baby. Single chicks are way more likely to brave the snowstorms for the bars and just leave their house in general. And they’d never let the cold keep them from looking hot af.

5. You Can Re-Connect And Have Failed Moments With Hometown Randos

What fun is winter break if you don’t get to blackout and make out with that one kid you used to stare at during Chem class? Well, if you’re not single, you can’t do it. Or you can, but you’d be cheating, and that’s fucked up. If you’re taken, you might not be able to see bae all of break, and then not only can you not hook-up with randos, you can’t hook up with anyone!

6. You’ll Actually Have Time To Catch Up With Your Hometown Friends

Whether you’re in college or working, you probs don’t have a ton of time back home for the holidays. If you have a bae, especially one that lives at home or you’re in a LDR, you’re probs going to spend all winter break cuddled up watching stupid movies and fucking under fuzzy blankets. You’ll tell your high school friends that you’ll “def hang,” but when it comes down to it you are too lazy to leave your boo because it’s too damn convenient.

If you’re single, you’ll get to go out with the girls who always got you, and have fun tearing up your hometown like you were in high school again.

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