We All Need to Stop Stressing About This Sex Act

To squirt or not to squirt, that is the question.

Or maybe the question is, can every girl squirt? Is squirting really female-cum? Or is it just pee? Does squirting accompany an orgasm? Or is it just a random spasm of the vagina?


I mean, don’t get us wrong, learning about the female body and the vagina in particular is important, since so many people seem to be clueless about it.

But recently, we’ve noticed a trend of girls we know talking about how squirting is just pee, or somehow fake. Girls who don’t squirt seem insistent on debunking female ejaculation.

Why would a girl feel a need to do this? If I had to guess, I’d say because guys won’t stop talking about how great it is to make a girl squirt. And why do dudes care about it? Because they’ve seen it in porn.

Guys love to ask girls if they can squirt, and if a girl says no they’ll say things like “well I bet I can make you squirt,” or some other ridiculous shit that assumes squirting is the paramount orgasm and that said lowly fuckboy is going to be the one to give it to you.

Instead of worrying about re-enacting his favorite porno scene or telling you what to do with your body, maybe guys should be worrying about actually making you feel good? Just a thought.

Moreover, lots of women who can squirt claim that it doesn’t necessarily feel any better or different than a “regular” orgasm.

“I don’t even realize when I squirt,” says Reddit user fenfun. “It feels like a really great orgasm and then I’ll realize that everything’s all wet. So it feels great, but I don’t feel any different ‘squirting’ sensation.”

Some women claim that when they squirt it doesn’t necessarily accompany an orgasm at all.

“When [squirting and an orgasm] happen at the same time, the sensation of squirting intensifies the orgasm and it’s awesome, but this has been rare and it’s because of good timing. Often though, I don’t notice it’s happening until everything is all wet,” says Reddit user noyoureabanana.

There are obviously women who experience much more pleasure when they do squirt, and that’s great for them. But if you’re someone who doesn’t naturally squirt, I’m sure your regular orgasms are near the same level. After all, if you were meant to be squirting while orgasming, you would be (if not with your sub-par hookup, then with your vibrator).

Taking guys out of the equation, do you think you’d ever really think to yourself, “gee, I wish I could ejaculate like dudes do when I orgasm and make a huge mess when I masturbate, that sounds fun?” No, you wouldn’t.

Not that there’s anything wrong with squirting, but if left to your own devices I doubt you’d really long for the ability to squirt.

And if it wasn’t for porn and the internet, you probably wouldn’t even know it existed if it hadn’t already happened to you.

If anything, this is just another sign that dudes really just want to date each other. I mean, why else would they feel the need to find a girl who could ejaculate in the same way that guys do?

Sure, maybe it’s pee. Maybe squirting in porn is fake, just like half of the other shit that happens in porn. And maybe, just maybe, your new boo will be able to make you squirt by fingering you in some weird-ass way. But if he doesn’t? Who the fuck cares. Put your (dry) big girl panties on and get over it.

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