4 Reasons You Need To Masturbate More

Whether you’re leaving your dildo on your nightstand, or pretending that the idea of touching yourself is “gross,” we all know you’re probably masturbating. If you’re not, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you. We all joke about boys that are watching porn and jacking off on the regular, but for some reason girls are supposed to not be horny all the time (which is just not true), and it still seems to be a very taboo subject for women. I’m not saying you have to make your next Facebook status “brb, flicking the bean,” but you need to give yourself some love, here’s why.


1. You’ll Have Better Sex

Really, this should be the only reason you need. If you’re not getting your O on enough during sex, it’s probably because you don’t touch yourself enough. How the hell is a dude supposed to know what you like if you don’t even know what you like? Not to mention that the more comfortable you are with your body, the more comfortable you’ll be naked with a partner. If you seriously get grossed out on the idea of touching yourself down there, why the hell would anyone else want to touch you down there?!

2. And Less Meaningless Sex

There’s a certain time in your life when you get over the whole idea of casual sex. It’s not that the idea of seducing a stranger gets old, it’s that you realize sex with randos kind of blows. If you’re horny all the time and not getting the love you need, you’re probably going to keep hopping in random beds until you’re satisfied. Save yourself the walk of shames, the smelly balls, and the risk of STDs, and play with yourself instead.

3. You’ll Be Happier

You know when your boss is being a bitch and you say to yourself “she really needs to get laid?” Don’t be that person! Let’s be honest, we all know that the best way to ensure you’re going to have a great day is to start your morning with sex instead of coffee. Unfortunately, since we can’t all have a man at our beck and call to fulfill our sexual needs (if you do, I’m jealous), sometimes we need to DIY it.

4. AND Healthier

I’m not making this up, I promise. Masturbating regularly helps your body to sleep better and to be less stressed, according to Dr. Lauren Streicher, author of Sex Rx: Hormones Health And Your Best Sex Ever. If you don’t want to sleep more and stress less, you’re fooling yourself.

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