This Popular Adult Film Act is Almost Always Fake

I HATE squirt. I really believe it’s just pee. Aesthetically for movies, I guess some people find it appealing, or hardcore, but for me I am literally grossed out by it.

If I do it to a guy, I am okay with it, but I don’t aim for it. I recently shot a girl-girl anal scene where the girl squirted on me at the end, (I hope they cut the angle since I couldn’t hold my emotions in). She’s known for that, but I decided in that moment that I was not into this act at all.

In fact, I started to actively analyze why this new trend was so in and what my thoughts about it really were. The thing is, although I have fun at work, and most of the time enjoy myself during the sex scenes, it would be a lie to say that I 1. Like all acts equally, 2. Don’t do anything I mildly dislike.

The good news is that with practice and experience I am prompted to become stronger with my voice and my opinion, I realize that authenticity is the magic to pornography and I should “say yes to the dress,” only if I am passionate about it.

The visual tends to look dramatic, exciting, fun, and almost artistic if you will, so I understand why directors and movie companies like it. Unfortunately for myself, it grosses me the fuck out. It’s even worse when the woman is not really hydrated, then it’s just straight piss.

I have watched the women on set drink bottles and bottles of water, literally a gallon of water, out of those see-through containers that athletes use.  I didn’t even know this little “secret,” until one day on set I was shooting with two “Squirters,” which is the affectionate title our industry gives to top performing women who have honed this ability.

The director must have mentioned it to me three times: “You are working with these women and they are known squirters, its going to be a hardcore scene.” For some reason (probably because I had not had the experience prior), I didn’t fully grasp that I needed to hydrate and drink a wild amount of water, or that I should prepare myself for the scene. I didn’t even know about the water trick, I guess I hadn’t really been paying attention.

When the scene began, everything was going seemingly well, we all looked hot, and I felt my sexiest. The two ladies were amazing performers and got into the foreplay and penetration in a smooth and swift way that only porn stars are capable of.

Then came the “ejaculation” part. I was intimidated by the fact that they were so capable, so confident, and so well versed in the “Squirt” genre, and now it was officially my turn.

This is the part of the porn scene that the civilian viewers don’t understand. We have a time budget, we have a location, we have a 30-minute hardcore action and sex scene part and if you have not “come,” well, now it’s time to act.

The difference, with squirt is that you can’t just moan and shake and fake an orgasm, now you have to simultaneously piss all over your partner’s face or body. Great, what was I to do? I kept holding everyone up, kept drinking water, kept getting in the mood, and then finally, after so much effort and concentration, I did it! I peed!!!!

The scene is in “Hard Reign,” by Elegant Angel. It’s actually a great scene, and I secretly hope my hardcore fans don’t even read this article, as I don’t want to rain on their parade (pun intended), at the same time I was to vent to my favorite Galore readers and just let them know, that unless I naturally “Squirt,” in a scene, which I deem very unlikely, I don’t want/need to push myself to look so intense when I am not into the act itself… which leads me to a new topic, to be continued…


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